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Welcome to Gothenburg Megagames

Megagames come in various flavours depending on the game being played. All megagames have elements of creativity, problem-solving, and conflict resolution, drawing inspiration from board games, simulations, and role-playing games. Quick thinking and improvisation are essential as players face inherent difficulties such as time pressure, lack of information, and cognitive biases.

As the name suggests, megagames involve many players playing at the same time, typically ranging from 30 to 75 players, although games with up to 500 participants have been known to occur. Each player has a meaningful role to play, and no one is merely an extra. The outcome of the game is influenced by every player, and the fast-paced gameplay typically takes around six hours to complete in one sitting.


Gothenburg Megagames organises high-quality megagame events in Gothenburg, focusing on delivering an exceptional player experience. Our Control team comprises experienced gaming experts from various fields who carefully select games for our events. Our community of players comes from all over the world, creating a diverse and welcoming atmosphere that embraces newcomers. Playing a megagame is not only great fun but also an excellent educational opportunity to develop important skills.

All our games have components and rules in English. In Sweden we run our games primarily in Swedish but with an increasing number of international player we adapt parts of the game interactions to run in English when it is necessary. In the UK we run games in English.


As soon as the dates are confirmed for a game, we add them to the menu on this page. Our games sell out extremely fast, so please join our Facebook-group or sign up for our mailing list to stay updated and not miss out on anything.

We release new game dates throughout the year on an ongoing basis.


We collaborate with other megagame groups in Sweden and the UK.


On average, at least one megagame is organised internationally every week, mainly in the UK, US, Europe and Australia. Check out Megagame Assembly to see which games are being played and where. Guests are usually welcome, but make sure you book a ticket in advance. Like our games, tickets usually sell out, so you can't just turn up and expect to play.


Megagames are widely used by organizations around the world to work on decision-making, changing work methods, or values work. Internationally, megagames are often used in defense, intelligence, and academia. For example, the Swedish National Defence College uses megagames to understand international conflicts.

It is a fantastic and creative way to bring a team together and create an understanding of different processes. In our team, we have individuals who work on developing organizations and groups at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels. For instance, we are management consultants, interaction designers, and other types of experts who use games as a pedagogical tool in our work.

Of course, megagames can also be a fun activity for groups of between 25 and 100 people. Contact us for more information.

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